Union Congregational Church      3 Norman Ave., Magnolia, MA

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Our Sunday morning worship time brings into focus the God we worship and who we are as a church. In each worship service you can expect a blend of classic hymns and newer worship music, a family feel including sharing prayers and thanksgivings with each other in the service, preaching that seeks to be faithful to the witness of Scripture, a creative and meaningful children’s lesson, and a community that truly enjoys praising God together.

The style is casual at our church in Magnolia. Hospitality is a primary value, so we look forward to a chance to welcome you.

If we haven't met, I hope you will feel free to introduce yourself to me on Sunday (our worship service is at 9:30a during the summer, 10:30a during the school year with the addition of Sunday school), or during the week. You can reach me via email or by calling the office phone (978.525.3346).


Abram Kielsmeier-Jones


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