Union Congregational Church      3 Norman Ave., Magnolia, MA


Brian Bayer-Larson

Erin Collins

Barb Dennie - Chair

Abram Kielsmeier-Jones

Renie Rich

Karen Rogati

Ann Seavey

Governance Board:

David Carlson

Christine Dixon Mirasola - Clerk

Abram Kielsmeier-Jones - Pastor

Tammy Mentus

Ann Morrison - Financial Secretary

Paul Rogati - Treasurer

Rich Weisenbach

David West

Keith Zellman - Moderator

Missions Committee:

Brian Bayer-Larson

Melissa Buchanan

Julie Dillard

Abram Kielsmeier-Jones - Pastor

Ann Morrison

Pat Weisenbach

Janel Wright

Facility Use Form

Church Calendar

Church List

Diaconate Prayer List

Church Volunteer Rotation

Open Door Community Meals

Away Date Spreadsheet


Shared Goals

Diaconate Fund Description

Description of Duties

     - Brunch Coordinator

     - Brunch Provider

     - Cleanup

     - Coffee Set-up

     - Usher

     - Worship Leader

Compensated Ministry Administration

Budget Account Numbers

Reimbursement Form (with editable fields*)

* 1) use your browser command to save this page as a pdf file

   2) open the pdf file

   3) double-click on a field to edit it

   4) save changes before closing the file

   5) email the edited file to the chairperson of the committee

        responsible for the budget account, or the pastor

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