Union Congregational Church      3 Norman Ave., Magnolia, MA

Pastor’s Reflections [continued]

     47.      Christ in You, the Hope of Glory

     48.      Pray Always

     49.      Prayer as Rest

     50.      Dancing with the Holy Spirit

     51.      For You Have Been My Hope, O Lord

     52.      I Will Give You Rest

     53.      Don’t Be Afraid, Just Believe

     54.      Blessed Are They Who Have Learned to Praise You, O Lord

     55.      Abide in Me as I Abide in You

     56.      Reflections for Ragamuffins

     57.      To Him Who Is Able to Do More than We Can Ask or Imagine

     58.      Jesus Speaks of the Love of God for the Lost

     59.      Giving Thanks to God the Father at All Times

     60.      Living in the Wisdom of Accepted Tenderness

     61.      Here I Am, Lord

     62.      Whole Prayer: a book review

     63.      An Invitation to Wholeness

     64.      But What About You - Who Do You Say I Am?

     65.      Abba, Father, I Feel You With Me at Every Moment

     66.      Temps Vierge

     67.      Book of Hours

     68.      Waiting Prayer

     69.      Co-Mentoring

     70.      Anticipation